An Extra Boost Of...{Inspiration, Education & Empowerment}!

When I find a good resource and/or product, I want to share it with everyone! We can all use "an extra boost of..." different things at different times and here's the list of some of my favorites I've found over the years:

I have added a page with this information (with more details about each) on my website and will keep it updated with more resources and more categories...

For now, if you need/want:

An Extra Boost Of...Happiness

An Extra Boost Of...Parenting Inspiration

An Extra Boost Of... Mystery & Suspense {Authors}

An Extra Boost Of...Beauty & Hair Styling Tips

An Extra Boost Of...Breast Cancer Support, Tips, Humor & Great Advice

An Extra Boost Of...Delicious Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

An Extra Boost Of...Support {aka sports bra}

I hope these give you "an extra boost of...what you need and if there is anyone you can recommend, please let me know,  I'm always glad to have more resources!!!