Giving Back

I started my “An Extra Boost Of…” giftware line as an extension of my FB Page by the same name, because I wanted to celebrate thoughtfulness & kindness by making it extra easy for those thoughtful & kind people to do what they do — make their friends, family & others feel cared for and appreciated in the everyday.

But I had a bigger wish, too — I wanted this gift ware to help more than just the recipients — and so, a portion of sales will be given to the American Cancer Society & the ASPCA at the end of the year - 2 charities/causes are near and dear to my heart.  AND I just started doing a "giving back campaign" (10% of sales, before tax & shipping) to our local United Way to anyone who uses the coupon code: UWM10.

1.  I come from a long line of veterinarians. My grandfather & his brother started Povar Animal Hospital in Rhode Island and my father took it over. We LOVE our pets and they are important members of our family.

2.  2013 was a year of me fighting breast cancer. I started it off with a double mastectomy, then chemo & radiation. I chose to donate to the American Cancer Society because I want to help everyone & anyone with fighting cancer!!!


An Extra Boost Of… {FUNDRAISING $$$$$ For YOUR Charity!}

I love doing fundraising events as a vendor in person or virtually where I can give a portion of my sales to that charity & cause! It’s wonderful, fun AND a win/win for everyone!

Each year, I give a a portion of my sales to the American Cancer Society & ASPCA, but I’ve also done a few other fundraising events and would LOVE to do more!!!

If you’re interested in working on a fundraiser together, please contact me and we can discuss where & how I can add value. If you’re near me, I’d be glad to come to your event and/or I can give your customers a coupon code to use so we can track the sales and I can give you a % back!