An Extra Boost Of...Business Success!

In addition to giving my customers "an extra boost of...comfort, strength, empowerment, support" etc. with my giftware, I also LOVE helping my business clients increase sales.

For over 25 years, I've been successfully helping companies increase the number and quality of leads through creative research, trade show representation, marketing and prospecting.

Work smarter, not harder. If you're looking for a more creative, efficient and cost efficient way to improve sales, I can help. My unique marketing and business development processes have been tested and proven over time to deliver optimal results.


Each business is special. So my first task is to work with you to determine your business's unique needs.

Next, we'll collaborate to create a custom marketing and business development program specifically for you. One that's designed around your goals, your timeline, and your budget.

Moving forward, we'll oversee the implementation of your program to ensure you achieve your goals. That's what often sets us apart from our competition — we stay involved in your program throughout the entire business development process.

We won't stop until your program is complete and you're satisfied that together we've accomplished everything we planned to do.


Facebook & Social Media Marketing – Setting up a Facebook page is easy but setting up and growing a truly engaging Facebook page is art. It’s also science and business strategy. When I build a profile for you, my aim is to exponentially expand awareness of your business, make you even more attractive to right-fit clients and customers, and to encourage lasting relationships.

Customer Data Management – this service sounds dry, I know, but I get so lit up about it! Using, I organize the data you already have (and you probably have much more than you realize) in ways that make it easier for you to help your clients in precisely the ways they want to be helped. And when you’re helping your clients, you’re also increasing your sales in a significant way.

Target Market Research + a List of Prospective Clients Who Want What You’ve Got – I love to learn about my clients’ businesses. From our very first contact, my mind will spark with ideas about unconventional places to find you new customers and clients. After thoroughly studying your business, existing client base, marketplace and competitors, I will provide you – or your sales team, if you have one – with a thoughtfully researched list of prospective clients and their contact information, including email addresses.

"...After working on a client's marketing strategy and website, I immediately turn to Michelle to help generate leads and market awareness with social medial and mass email campaigns...She has an advanced understanding of multiple audience segments and markets, and creates unique content to interest and engage target audiences..."
- Tom Hartman, Owner
Allied Strategic Marketing

"...Michelle has consistently maintained our page with fun and thoughtful information that has helped to grow our presence on Facebook. I regularly hear from people who say they posted a question on Facebook about who to use for carpet cleaning and they get many responses to call All Seasons. I'm convinced that Michelle's work is a big reason we get such response."
- Brent Versendaal, Owner/President
All Seasons Carpet Cleaning
"Michelle combines tremendous energy and passion, with a wonderfully creative mind and proven techniques to deliver a winning formula for marketing and business development. Her results speak for themselves.”
- Managing Director, Global Logistics
i2 Technologies

"If you are looking for a high energy, high impact, innovative, business development resource I would highly recommned Michelle. One of the most challenging aspects of business is developing sales leads. If gaining mindshare is critical to your business model you would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic, high energy person than Michelle.”
- Mark C.


"...Michelle effectively managed marketing campaigns that secured dozens of qualified leads in industry-specific target companies...Her campaigns led to securing several new anchor accounts, with ongoing opportunities..."

- Dan Kasher, VP, CBIG Consulting

"...Michelle is an expert at social media and creative thinking...Her marketing skills truly connect with the appropriate target marketings...Her prospecting philosophy and ability to think outside the box offers a unique method to make her a truly valuable asset to any company looking for marketing exposure and innovative ideas..."
- Jill Eggert, Founder
Inspiring Wellness