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Demand Generation - Finding, developing, & nurturing leads!

Help companies expand awareness & create demand for their services and/or products and then also help with the “behind the scenes” of coverting leads /prospects into sales (but NOT a lot of literal cold calling)

Help with developing and optimizing sales pipe-building campaigns to drive leads into sales funnels, qualify leads for the sales team, and nurture leads through the buying cycle.

Help with coordinating, executing, and measuring marketing automation campaigns, leading the strategic direction of their development, and refining campaign strategy and tactics to support the sales team in closing deals.

Help manage a company’s Social Media.  Their FB Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…

Project Manager & Consultant 


Develop and execute successful social media strategies in order to drive revenue as well as to enhance the clients’ brand.

Understand multiple audience segments and markets and create unique content to suit.  Create unique social content that matches the business’s branding & voice combining fun with informative posts customized to THEIR audience attracts attention, generates interest, exponentially expand awareness of client’s business  and is easily shared with social networks.

Oversee paid social media advertising strategy and reporting. eads paid social media efforts for inquiry, fan acquisition and social engagement.

Research and develop content on a regular basis for clients according to their posting strategies and calendars

Manage, interact with, and respond to social media audiences.

Monitors conversations and manage company image and brand on platforms to effectively market products.

Identify programs, people, businesses, and platforms to effectively promote products.

Metrics – when best time to post, audience analysis, strategic posting

Social channel, property, platform

  • targeted, sophisticated, savvy social media support (Facebook set-up and beyond) - this is where a lot of my small- and medium-sized businesses start because they're too busy to tackle this themselves but they don't want to miss out
  • prospect research - I learn about your business, clients and competitors and then I provide a thoroughly researched list of prospects (and their contact information) to connect with, people most likely to want to buy your products or services
  • customer data management - this one sounds dry, I know, but I get so lit up organizing the data my clients already have in ways that make it easier to help their own clients (and, ultimately, increase sales in a significant way!)


Facebook and Social Media Marketing

Setting up a Facebook page is easy but setting up and growing a truly engaging Facebook page is art. It’s also science and business strategy. When we build a profile for you, our aim is to exponentially expand awareness of your business, make you even more attractive to right-fit clients and customers, and to encourage lasting relationships. According to BrightLocal's Local Consumer Review Survey (2012), 32% of respondents used Facebook to recommend a business to friends. Having a Facebook presence that makes you proud is a significant word-of-mouth marketing opportunity and one of the best routes to affordable, organic business growth we can recommend. Our team is available for Facebook page set-up, training and/or content publishing so if you’re starting your social media efforts from scratch or already have a page that needs some support, we can help.




"Over the past couple of years Michelle has inserted a burst of energy into our lagging Facebook page by creating unique social content that matches our company's branding and personality by inserting fun yet informative posts customized for our audience!"  Kathie C, Crown Restrooms

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