I started my “An Extra Boost Of…” giftware line as an extension of my FaceBook Page by the same name, because I wanted to celebrate thoughtfulness & kindness by making it extra easy for those thoughtful & kind people to do what they do — make their friends, family & others feel cared for and appreciated in the everyday.

But I had a bigger wish, too — I wanted these gifts to help more than just the recipients — and so, 10% of my sales (before tax & shipping) will be given to the American Cancer Society, ASPCA or United Way McHenry County - charities/causes near and dear to my heart.  There is a drop down box when you purchase so you can choose the charity the money will go to.
I chose these charities for a reason:

1.  I come from a long line of veterinarians. My grandfather & his brother started Povar Animal Hospital in Rhode Island and my father took it over. We LOVE our pets and they are important members of our family and choose to donate to the ASPCA to help as many animals as possible!

2.  2013 was a year of me fighting breast cancer. I started it off with a double mastectomy, then chemo & radiation. I choose to donate to the American Cancer Society because I want to help everyone & anyone with fighting cancer!

3.  Give where you live is the United Way McHenry County mission and one I firmly believe in as well.  I am glad to be able to work with them to give back and help as many in my community as possible!  


An Extra Boost Of… {FUNDRAISING $$$$$ For YOUR Charity!}

I am always looking to help more charities and causes so please contact me if you'd like to discuss a partnership in more detail... It’s wonderful, fun AND a win/win for everyone!

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