Hearing from my customers gives me "an extra boost of... soul nourishing happiness"!

 An Extra Boost of..." is just the right company, and right product, for helping bring love and comfort to difficult situations.  I've ordered many gifts over several years, and in each case the recipient is so surprised and feels so embraced and uplifted by the quality and beauty of these products.  I'm grateful that Michelle's values created a company that can help ease some of the challenges associated with this bad disease; it's so wonderful to know that I can count on this company to help me bring comfort to a friend or family member.  Liz, Virginia
So thank you for the wrap!  It's so soft!  I've come to appreciate really, really soft things.  When I had to be in the hospital because I was sick during chemo, I had a really soft scarf and hoodie sweatshirt that I would use as extra pillows because they just felt so comforting.  So it is the perfect, thoughtful gift for me."  Jen, Illinois
"Your wonderful wrap arrived and was delivered to my friend yesterday - she loved it - and good timing - as the weather here is freezing.  Thank you so much.  Especially now, for her, the company and help has left, the major recovery over, but she still has months left of recovery and I think is feeling a little alone.  So PERFECT!"  Dana, California
I ordered this for my Dad who is currently undergoing chemo treatments, and he loves it!  It is incredibly soft and very high quality.  He is not someone who has ever been one to be cold, or chilled, but of course, the chemo has changed that, so he takes it to treatments every time - we love that it says "Wrapping you in love," so that even when we can't be at treatment with him, he is reminded that we are all right there with him, fighting this battle!  Lara
My cousin is battling breast cancer & the only thing she’s able to enjoy after chemo is the chicken soup her sister makes for her. That’s why I want her to have her own mug. I heard about “An Extra Boost Of…” on Facebook, a friend of mine “shared” your page and THAT mug was just what I was looking for! Thank you! Diane, AZ
The "Wrapping You in Love" cozy Warm Embrace wrap (or "snuggle" as my 7 year old nephew calls it) were a hit for Christmas this year.  I bought one for a dear friend, for my Mom, and for my two nephews (7 and 10 years old).  They all LOVE them!   After unwrapping the gift that night (Christmas Eve), my younger nephew insisted on sleeping snuggled up with his, and it has become the go-to "snuggle" while watching movies on the couch.  My Mom wraps up in hers when she reads. Such a fabulous warm, cozy and personal gift.  I just ordered yet another one - this time for my best friend for her birthday (who happens to be a breast cancer survivor, so it will have extra special meaning to her) Andrea, WI
Hi Michelle, I just wanted to share a little story about your shoulder blankets.  My Mother went into the hospital in September.  When I went to visit her, I brought her one of your blankets.  She requested my brothers place it next to her face so when she turned over, she could feel it brush against her.  EVERYONE who cared for my Mom in the hospital commented on how soft and luxurious it was.  They also loved the size because it was smaller than most.  When we brought my Mom to her home under hospice care, she continued and eventually my siblings and I continued to her it next to her face.  Sometimes place it against the top of her head.  All of the hospice care and visiting angels continued commenting on what a wonderful blanket it was.  Since my Mom's passing, I have brought it home with me.  I will cherish it with wonderful memories of comforting my Mom.  I will continue to wrap myself with love as it wrapped her in those beautiful moments before God finally took her home.  I just wanted to say "thank you" for having the vision you do.  Creating such wonderful pieces others can share with those they love!  Anne, IL
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