An Extra Boost Of...{EMPOWERMENT!} Bracelet


Do you or someone you care about need an extra boost of ...empowerment, strength, and sass? I have just the thing!

This elegant, silver-toned, stainless steel charm looks like it might be an heirloom from your grandmother, but those initials aren't hers. NFG stands for, ahem, "No F*cks Given", and it's the perfect thing to wear to remind yourself not to let the lousy boss at work get you down or take that in-law's criticism to heart. It's a calming, secret, as-close-as-your-wrist meditation tool for those who like to curse. (Or, for those who don't, you can choose not to give "figs" instead and it still works!)

This beautiful, shiny charm is made of stainless steel that is entirely safe (of course!) and is attached to a black braided leather (double wrap) bracelet with a locking magnetic barrel clasp.