Employee Appreciation Gift Basket Mugs
Employee Appreciation Gift Basket Mugs
Employee Appreciation Gift Basket Mugs

Employee Appreciation Gift Basket Mugs

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One of my multi-disciplinary majors in college was Human Resources...not to take care of benefits, issues or any of that, lol, it was because I wanted to do my part to make sure ALL employees to feel appreciated!  (After I learned the job wasn't JUST appreciation, I realized I wasn't the right person for the job).
Now that I have my own company, I can help other companies with making sure their employees feel appreciated and my Employee Appreciation Gift Basket Mugs are a perfect example. 
We can work together to customize what we include in the mug and attach a sweet note to explain it all.
The mug & note in the picture is one I did for the Executive Director of United Way of Greater McHenry County.  We collaborated to create these customized  “appreciation gift basket mugs” for her and wanted to support local businesses and also included cute & fun United Way socks to show how thankful she is for them - a wonderful gesture she did during Thanksgiving.    I attached her extremely sweet note (with her permission) to give you more details or her sweet personality and inspiration for other bosses, hint hint! 😉
What can we do for your employees?

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